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Valuation & Complex Property Issues

Valuation & Complex Property Issues – What You Need to Know

Our Rule of Thumb: We strive for challenge. The more legally complex, the better. The more financially complex, the better. The more factually complex, the better. We think differently than many of our peers and that includes our zeal in working through complicated legal, financial and/or factual issues. Many of our clients come to us because we have a record of handling the tough cases.

Property: You have a home you owned before marriage, and then refinanced three times and put your spouse on title? We will solve the issue.

Stock: You have stock options and RSUs with various vesting schedules, and the other side also wants more in spousal support? We will solve the issues.

Closely Held Businesses: There are several businesses, some formed before marriage, and some after marriage? We will solve the issue. Have some of your businesses expanded during marriage? We will solve the issue. 

Separate Property: Has income from separate holdings mixed in with marital holdings? Have you sold a separate property and used some of the proceeds to purchase marital property? We will solve those problems.

Intellectual Property and Celebrity: Is the marriage entitled to all your royalties? Is your IP community property? Does your spouse want to be paid out on the value of your celebrity? We will solve those problems.

Large Estates: There are five homes spread out over 3 states and two foreign countries. Each spouse works and one earns five million dollars annually in salary alone. There are extensive investment holdings of thirty-seven million dollars in value. Besides the car collection, there is extensive art to be valued. No one wants to go to court and no one wants the press or govt. involved. We will settle this matter and solve their valuation and support issues.

Valuation and Complex Property Issues – The Next Step

Take a meeting with Jonathan Larose. You may want Mr. Larose representing you fully, or, as your personal advisor in other contexts. 

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