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Hurleen Sidhu Esq.

Attorney, California Family Law, Litigation and Transactions



We aren't sure where Hurleen's tenacity comes from. But, our client's sure do like her. She is fearless and goal-oriented. She is supremely comfortable in court.

Hurleen's parents are business owners. Hurleen and her sister worked in the family business when they were just teens. Their parents raised Hurleen and her sister up around Vacaville. Her sister became a doctor. Hurleen went towards law. Hurleen is married to another attorney, and they have one child.

Hurleen has hundreds of hours of court-room experience. She also has her own trial experiences. She regularly runs "second-chair" with Jonathan on complex trials.

She went to St. Marys (the Gaels) in Moraga for her undergraduate work. Then, to John F. Kennedy School of Law for her Juris Doctor. She passed the Bar on the first try.

She loves family law. You can tell because she focused on it while in law school. Then, she interned at the Family Law Facilitator's office in Contra Costa County. That is the office that conducts custody mediations for the family court.

We say that we don't think like everyone else - like other attorneys. Hurleen is a perfect example of that phrase. She is not one to follow the herd. She is always asking what we can do different to bring a better result, a more comprehensive result, to a client. Hurleen is not one to be boxed-in by the status-quo.

Empathetic. Passionate. Relentless. That is attorney Hurleen Sidhu.