Domestic Violence

Anyone, from every walk of life, may experience “domestic violence” from a spouse or partner. Children are especially vulnerable to domestic violence from a parent, or the partner of a parent.

At Larose Law, we are proud that California has very progressive laws in place to protect against “domestic violence.”

What is “domestic violence?”

It can be sexual assault on you by your spouse or partner.

It can be harassing behavior of any kind that disturbs your peace of mind — this can include physical harm, pushing, getting into your emails, following you, threats and destroying your property. It can even include physical abuse of your family pets. Abuse does not have to be physical — it can be emotional, or psychological. In fact, abuse usually takes on many forms, and abusers can use a range of tactics to control or maintain power over a person and over the children.

It is abuse perpetuated by women, and by men.

Many relationships do not end well. Daily life can become emotionally “toxic.” For safety reasons spouses may need to stop living together immediately. Sometimes there needs to be short-term court orders that allows for a “cooling off” period.

Again, “domestic violence” happens to everyone — to men, to women, from every walk of life.

We aggressively pursue righteous domestic violence protection orders. And, in certain situations, we defend those accused from false or exaggerated charges.

Marital Fraud

Marital fraud can take many forms:

  • It can be a spouse who says she does not have the ability to be employed.
  • It can be a spouse who used marriage money to gamble, for adultery, or to purchase goods not for the benefit of the marriage.
  • It can be a spouse who forces you to sign a deed or some financial instrument.
  • It could be a spouse who has bank accounts that you do not have access to, and who will not tell you what they are doing with deposits.
  • It can be a spouse who will not disclose the property they have purchased.
  • It can be a spouse who used marriage money to pay certain debts, or, to fund a business they call their own.

Part of what we do is to trace and prove claims of marital fraud. We seek reimbursement and penalties and attorney fee awards. We use experts where necessary, including vocational evaluators and accountants. We will subpoena bank and financial records and credit card statements. We may interview or “depose” your spouse and others.

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