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Modification of Orders

Modification of Orders – What You Need to Know

Change of Attorney: Sometimes the attorney you had is no longer the attorney you want. We are often called upon to take over a case before settlement or trial, or after. We move to change existing court orders and agreements, before settlement or trial, and after. 

Preparation for Trial: Many times, we are retained because the matter is going to trial, or, has become too complicated. Or, because early strategic decisions have not borne fruit. Or, because the existing attorney is just too busy to zealously do all the work that is needed.

Preparation for Settlement: The best settlements come from rigorous preparation and a reputation for winning at trial. That is another reason why many clients have hired us.

Custody and Visitation: We take over cases to get them on a different trajectory. We modify existing orders, prepare you for mediation at Family Court Services, retain custody experts, and then litigate relocation and custody evaluations. We obtain psychological evaluations and restraining orders. And we do not stop when the orders are obtained. We help you manage going forward, so that you are always in position to avoid setbacks or obtain further positive decisions.

Child Support: We modify existing child support orders. We obtain go-to-work orders and employment evaluations, and we garnish wages.

Spousal Support: We modify temporary spousal support orders. We obtain go-to-work orders and employment evaluations. We may seek medical evaluations. We excel at permanent spousal support negotiations and trial. 

Judgments and Settlement Agreements: We modify or enforce court decisions and marital settlement agreements. We make sure property and support agreements are followed. 

Modification of Orders – The Next Steps

Second Opinion: If you have an existing case, we will want to review all vital court orders as part of your consultation. You can obtain a copy set from your attorney even if you owe them fees. Note that all meetings with us are strictly confidential and we have no obligation to inform your current attorney of your meeting with us.

Orders: If you have existing court orders, we will want to review the current order, and, all prior related orders. If custody is involved, we will want to review prior reports from Family Court Services and custody evaluations. In support matters, we will want to review current paystubs, and the most recent tax returns, as part of your consultation.

Draft Agreements: We are routinely hired to review draft agreements. We will want to read the draft agreement when we meet with you.

Consulting Only: We are often hired to consult only. That means we stay in the background, sometimes confidentially. 

Judgments and Settlements: Issues always develop after trial or settlement. Custody may need to change. Support may need modification. Spousal support may need to be terminated. We will want to review the Judgment and settlement agreement when we meet with you.

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