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Jonathan D. Larose, Esq. MBA

CEO/Sr. Attorney, California Family Law, Litigation and Transactions



Simply put, Jonathan is relentless in most everything he does. He is a tenacious attorney. In court, he is prepared and tough. Many witnesses have wilted on his cross-examinations.

He firmly believes the best settlements come from rigorous due diligence - but also being fully ready to go to court if needed. As a result, his settlements usually meet most all of his objectives.

Jonathan's mission is our mission - to bring all clients under the Larose Law banner, the results they expect and more.

Jonathan is from New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state, is married and a father. Jonathan wrestled in high school and in college. His Mother raised five boys as a single parent. She started her own business to support the family.

He moved to California almost 30 years ago. He finished undergraduate work at San Francisco State - political science with an economics minor.

From there, to University of San Francisco (The Dons) where he earned his Master's in Business Administration (MBA), with a finance emphasis.

Then, to New College School of Law in San Francisco - at that time the oldest public interest law school in the country.

Jonathan felt that the newest generation of attorneys would need to know more, and be more, to their clients. A business degree would allow him to align with entrepreneurs, and to assess the financial matters his clients would be involved in. It has helped Jonathan in preparing financial matters for the court. It has helped Jonathan at the bargaining table. It has helped Jonathan become a successful entrepreneur himself.

Jonathan began practicing law 20 years ago. He started in family law and general civil litigation. In short while he moved solely into family law because he discovered he could offer clients more than what other attorneys could offer - solid litigation experience and a comfort with crunching-the-numbers.

He was part of a partnership for some time, with Louis Willett of Fremont - a man Jonathan still considers a mentor for many reasons.

Then, he started his own law firm back in 2007. The mission then is still our mission today - to bring every client the results they expect and more.

Over the years Jonathan has represented clients at hundreds of hearings. He was part of one of the longest trials in Alameda County history. He has deep trial experience. He is also an accomplished mediator. And, has been chosen by local judges to be their judicial settlement referee/arbitrator.

His practice focuses mostly on matrimonial law. He writes pre-marriage agreements. He is the primary trial attorney for Larose Law. He has a vibrant private mediation practice. He regularly acts as a consultant on a variety of matters.

Jonathan's clients value him for his experience and knowledge. He is a "Counselor" in the truest sense. Entrepreneurs particularly enjoy Jonathan's frank approach and the control he takes on his matters.

He is, we admit, a bit "old school." He still believes your word is your bond. He teaches his attorneys to be tenacious, and better prepared than the opposition, and that rigorous preparation allows you to be fearless in and out of the courtroom.