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Jonathan D. Larose, Esq. MBA

CEO/Sr. Attorney, California Family Law, Litigation and Transactions
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Mr. Larose is our managing Founder and senior litigation attorney.

As many know, Mr. Larose is a tireless advocate for his clients. He has 20 years of experience in divorce and family-law. He has both a Juris Doctorate and Master's in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance. He began in civil litigation. Divorce and family-law issues are emotionally and financially challenging. He is known for providing wise, strategic advice to his clients especially in times of turmoil.

He has extensive work and successes in Alameda and Contra Costa courtrooms. He is also known for his ability to get a deal done even under the most trying of circumstances.

He handles the complex and the complicated.

He has a hands-on, detail-oriented, take-control style his busy clients highly appreciate.

Mr. Larose is an entrepreneur. He created Larose Law and grew it to what it is today. He is dedicated to various libertarian pursuits including freedom of speech and expression. He is a strong advocate for the safety of children and the elimination of hunger. His private time is spent with his family, reading, running and basketball.


Photo of Jonathan D. Larose, Esq.