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Jonathan D. Larose, Esq. MBA




Mr. Larose has practiced family law for almost twenty years. He has extensive experience in all family law and divorce matters. He is also an entrepreneur, and carries a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance.
Jonathan began his legal career as a civil trial attorney. He then took on some family law cases and observed the acute need for forensic-oriented, trial experienced attorneys. Clients then achieved more favorable results at settlement and at trial. He began to practice solely family and divorce law. His success has led to Larose Law becoming one of the largest family law firms in Northern California.
Clients value Mr. Larose for the depth of his court-room experience, his negotiating skills, his success at tracking assets, for knowing his way around a balance sheet and financial records, and for his overall thoughtful counsel. They also praise Jonathan for his ability to manage complex financial matters. And, for the direction and guidance he provides in all custody-related matters.
Jonathan conducts regular overall client reviews at Larose Law and provides guidance and support for every client. This ensures every client receives the benefit of the experience and training of Mr. Larose.
Mr. Larose was raised in New Hampshire. His parents divorced and his Mother raised five boys. She became an entrepreneur to support the family. Jonathan had to work at a very young age to help out. He wrestled in high school and relocated to California to complete college, and attend business school and law school. Jonathan earned his Masters in Business Administration and then earned his Juris Doctor.