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Jonathan D. Larose, Esq. MBA

CEO/Sr. Attorney, California Family Law, Litigation and Transactions



Jonathan has extensive experience in all areas of family law.  He creates pre-marriage, co-habitation, and post-marriage agreements.  He works on all issues related to paternity, divorce, annulment, and legal separation actions – including child and spousal support, community property, custody, breach of marital fiduciary duties, child relocations, asset-tracing, international accounts and property, inter-state conflicts and jurisdiction, attorney fee reimbursement, domestic violence and marital harassment.

Jonathan is both a litigator and a mediator.  He is very comfortable in court and is a tough, prepared litigator.  Jonathan is also a seasoned mediator and represents clients in private mediation.  He has worked as settlement officer for various Judges.  Jonathan also acts as a “collaborative” attorney – where a couple utilizes attorneys to settle and not to litigate.

Mr. Larose does all he can to keep clients out of the courtroom. He believes even the most acrimonious divorce or family matter can be resolved privately.  Larose Law was formed, in part, to help insulate children from the emotional harm family disputes, even the most collegial, can cause.

Great settlements come from skill and superior information.  Jonathan is adept at forensic investigation.  He has found millions of dollars in hidden accounts.  He has traced bank records, tax returns, and investment accounts to prove marital fraud.  Jonathan works with a range of private experts – accountants, appraisers, medical evaluators, vocational evaluators, bankers, human resources, estate and corporate attorneys, psychologists, international law firms, custody assessors, private judges, appellate experts, and private investigators, when appropriate.

Mr. Larose earned his Bachelors at San Francisco State in political science and economics.  He then earned his Masters in Business Administration, with a Finance emphasis, at the University of San Francisco.