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The Initial Consultation – What You Need to Know

We have never charged for an initial consultation. Our initial consultations are also strictly confidential.

All you have to do is contact us. Call or email. We can consult over the telephone, or virtually, or in-person. In fact, many of our busy clients have worked with us completely by remote means. Sometimes, we just go to where they are.

Your relationship with your family attorney, is unique. It is vital you select a family attorney who you can trust. You need to know what they will do for you, and what their capabilities are. 

The initial consultation is the single best way to assess the attorney, first hand. In more complex matters, or with active cases, additional consultations may be needed. 

In the consultation your objectives, and strategy, will be discussed, with absolute candor and privacy. 

Take a meeting with Jonathan Larose, or with one of his attorneys, as you consider what family law firm will work for you.

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