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Legal Fees and Costs – What You Need to Know

Fees: We have hourly rates for all our attorneys, paralegals, case administrators and legal secretaries. When a person works on your matter, they charge in increments of an hour. Clients receive regular invoices detailing the specific work done and the time it took to do it. Most general office costs are included in the hourly rates.

Deposit on Services: When you hire the Firm, you post a deposit. That deposit is then used to help pay for some of your legal fees and costs. Whatever is not used is returned. Sometimes additional deposits in different amounts may be needed. There is no standard amount of deposit. The deposit is set after the client consults with us, and after we get a sense of what the issues are, immediate and long-term.

Payment for Services: Legal fees can be paid from marital accounts. In addition, we routinely seek court orders reimbursing or awarding legal fees expenses.

Contract for Services: Every client signs a contract for services. The contract details the scope of work to be done, the hourly rates, and certain other assurances for each client.

Consultation: Legal fees and costs are always discussed in detail at every initial consultation. The issue is usually brought up by the attorney. And there is never any pressure to hire Larose Law at any consultation.

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