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The Firm

Larose Law was founded as an alternative to what other family law firms were providing. The Firm has now grown to be the largest family law firm in Fremont. And, one of the largest family law firms in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

Mr. Larose comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Besides his law degree, he has a Master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in Finance. Jonathan believed every great family law attorney needs to be grounded in core financial fundamentals. This is vital because much of what a family law attorney does touches on financial issues — support, community property, valuations, income and cash flow.

Mr. Larose also believed that truly successful family law attorneys were the ones who did not shy away from being in court. Jonathan began in law as a general trial attorney. He learned early on that great settlements tend to be the by-product of being fully prepared to go to trial. And, that outstanding settlements and court decisions are the result of strong advance preparation.

Jonathan also believed that children should be as insulated from the divorce process, as possible. We do this by seeking custody and visitation agreements outside of court. We do this by utilizing therapists and evaluators. We seek strong domestic violence protection orders. We also aggressively defend against false charges of domestic violence. Mr. Larose has been involved in substantive custody trials and move-away cases.

Mr. Larose also believes that the truly successful attorney needs to be one you can trust. He still believes in the integrity of a handshake agreement. He closely follows the adage that “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” And, that if you are not going to do something right, then simply don’t do it.

Every lawyer and staff member adheres to the fundamentals and principles that led to the creation of Larose Law. To schedule a free consultation, please call Larose Law at 510-742-6100, or contact us online.