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Client Reviews

“A divorce is never a fun process. Mine lasted 2 years thanks to Covid. However, I am so happy that I hired Mr. Larose’s law firm. My attorney was Ms. Hurleen Sidhu. She is an outstanding attorney that is smart, professional and aggressive when she has to be. My X’s attorney was an old school, delay tactics – smoke and mirrors-type of attorney that cost me a ton of fees and stress. I believe that was their tactic; to outspend me or make me give in to their BS demands. Ms. Sidhu was able to handle this attorney and made sure that my best interests prevailed. I highly recommend her. I will say that this law firm is not cheap. But like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

– Javier (2021) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Google)

“I worked with the Law offices of Jonathan D. Larose since 2013 in my long and messy divorce case. Mr. Larose represented me in the trial and Mrs. Griffith represented me in numerous hearings throughout the case, along with Mrs. Sidhu and Mrs. Benage who have helped in a few key stages. The entire legal team rallied all of their expertise and their resources when it mattered — it takes a huge team effort to get justice prevail.

Jonathan’s trial preparation was thorough: all important points covered, no detail is overlooked, no angle is missed. He used good legal judgement and winning arguments at the trial, without any surprises. He communicates well and gets his points across in a clear and concise manner, which is very important in a trial. His guidance throughout the case was plain, straightforward, and logical which helped me to understand my case better in legal terms and to make the best possible decision at every point.

I worked most closely with Mrs. Griffith, who handled all the court filings, pleadings, declarations, hearings, and interactions with the court throughout the years. She knows the case by heart and helped me defend against numerous frivolous requests and demands. She provided timely updates, kept me informed with the case law, answered my questions in great detail and provided very effective and useful legal counsel throughout the years.

These past 8 years taught me how the legal process could be used for abuse and how you need a very competent and effective legal team to work against it. Jonathan, Kristine, and all the attorneys and paralegals (Hi there Mrs. Quintero!) is that competent team. Thank you all for all the guidance in my case.”

– Mustafa (2021) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Avvo)

“I was referred to Johnathan Larose through a friend. Upon meeting Johnathan, he demonstrated empathy and compassion. Going through a divorce is never easy, and I felt assured and confident that my case would be handled fairly and with integrity.

Jonathan’s preparation, attention to detail, and knowledge, allowed me to feel at ease and confident in the legal process. Johnathan Larose and his paralegal team provided exceptional service. They were considerate of time and of the costs associated with divorce proceedings. I was pleased with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend the Law Offices of Johnathan D. Larose.
– – Melissa (2021) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Google)

“I retained the Law Offices of Jonathan D. LaRose back in November of 2015. What might have initially appeared as a “quick divorce”- no property, one child, etc.-has since turned into a lengthy, long-drawn discussion and custody charade as a result of my daughter’s father.

The LaRose team (including Mrs. Griffith and supporting paralegals) have blazed trails in areas of law that might be considered less-traveled (ie. “Sovereign citizenship,” vexatious litigants, restricting a person’s access to a courthouse and more).

This committed team has worked tirelessly to gain momentum and ground on my case in the areas of dissolution, custody and visitation, and more recently a much-needed domestic violence restraining order.

It has been a very long and difficult road, but having the LaRose team, specifically Mrs. Griffith, working for, and with, me has been pivotal in the legal successes I have gained thus far.

It is without hesitation that I would refer anyone seeking Family Law counsel to the Law Offices of Jonathan D. LaRose.”

– Stephanie (2019) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Google)

“I met Mr. LaRose for the first time back in 2012. He sounded very confident, knowledgeable, and straight to the point. To this day, I’m glad to have retained LaRose law and Mr. LaRose as my main counsel. When it comes to custody and visitation, I want Mr. LaRose on my side. It is a matter of trust!

In my case, my ex had filed a 498a case in India and requested the court in the US to send the minor child to India with her permanently. It was an uphill battle to make the judge understand what the case in India meant, the consequences / repercussions in approving her request, my relationship and involvement in my kids life. This is where Mr. LaRose’s expert advice, right strategy, and attention to detail came into play.

Expanding on the attention to detail… He was with me in court every month for a period of almost two years. He would discuss the case the day before – strategy, what to focus on, possible outcomes, counter arguments, and how I feel about it all, so it was not a surprise to me. He would prep me before every mediation / evaluation session – how to dress, what to focus on, what to bring to the session, how to carry myself, etc… (believe me, all these do matter) and asked me to jot down what happened at those sessions, while it was still fresh. If I forgot, he would remind me. I know it all costs money, but, to this day, the level of attention and care is still worth every penny.

Even today whenever I meet him, he inquires about the kid, how he’s doing, schooling, and other issues. He even cautions to watch out for certain things he may have noticed with kids in other divorce cases (of course, without divulging any specific information).

Like I said, if it is a matter of custody and visitation, I want Mr. LaRose to represent me in court, because it is a matter of confidence and trust!

I’ve known Mr. LaRose and Ms. Trevisan since 2012. I’ve known Mrs. Tornquist for a few years. I’m in good hands and have no intentions of finding replacements. Expect things to happen in a timely manner and with proper procedure, without cutting corners.

Yes, the outcome… Request to move to India permanently with the minor child was denied and additional travel restrictions have been imposed in the best interest of the child.”
– Arun (2019) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Google)

“I have hired the Law office of Jonathan LaRose in Fremont for both my DV and DM cases spanning from 2013 to 2017. My divorce lasted 4 years and 2 months, I was up against a very bully and extremely calculated Ex-husband. Mr. LaRose and his associates were amazing in their litigation ability, their interpretation of the law were very clear, and his paralegal team has done an amazing organizing job on my testimony exhibits, pleadings and records. Every pleading and counsel discussion were kept in a superb and organized fashion that can easily be retrieved for evidence. I always felt that the LaRose Team always had my back and that gave me the strength to face this difficult journey. I would not be able to survive this process without the wonderful and cohesive team from this office. Thank-you Mr. Jonathan LaRose, associates (Ms. Kristine Tornquist) and paralegal team (Gianna Trevisan) and all the office staff (past and present).”

– Betty (2017) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Avvo)

“I came to Mr. Larose’s office almost three years ago from a very bad and very long marriage. My ex was emotionally abusive, manipulative, extremely controlling, and I had been married to him for 31 years. I had no self-confidence or self-worth and was at the end of my rope. When I talked to Mr. Larose, for the first time in such a long time, I felt I was worth something; I was worth fighting for because he listened to me – really listened, and took notes. He and his team were completely on my side. I felt empowered because I learned I had rights I didn’t even know I had. He was truthful and did not sugar-coat my situation. He made me work gathering files and information he would need. He respected my wishes completely and he and his team kept me informed throughout. My ex and his lawyer dragged the settlement on for a long time and it has only just finished. Mr. Larose got a settlement for me that far exceeded my expectations. Through the three-year ordeal, Mr. Larose made sure I understood everything, followed every avenue of defense, kept me informed, protected me in the settlement agreement and personally corresponded with me or called even though I moved out of state. He is thorough, protective of his client, extremely knowledgeable, exacting, and very honest. I will miss his frequent emails. Mr. Larose and his team have my highest recommendation. They made a difference in my life.”
– Becky (2013) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Avvo)

“I went to Jonathan from a stellar referral from a friend when I was seeking legal advice for a divorce. A divorce is an extremely emotional time for anyone and even more so when you need to hire an attorney. I have heard horror stories as well as pleasant stories from people dealing with divorces in the past.

Prior to meeting with Jonathan and my initial consultation I was extremely horrified how this divorce would play out. Our initial meeting, Jonathan was friendly and reassuring that he will assess my concerns and see what he could do for me. Again this was an extremely emotional time for me and during the initial consultation I started to ramble on. Jonathan cut me off and basically kept me on track. At that point I realized that Jonathan is not a therapist for me to ramble on my emotions to, but my attorney who will be there to help me through a divorce I’m terrified about. What was important was making sure I receive what is fair and not waste time rambling about my feelings. However he was sympathetic to my rambles and did reassure me that I was in good hands. Jonathan is not only confident in person but has the knowledge to back up his confidence. This had a huge positive effect during this emotional time which made me feel confident in the case.

During the case this also proved true which also kept the legal costs down by not wasting time rambling on about other things and not the things relevant to the divorce. Jonathan kept me WELL informed on what was going on with the case and explained to me what the current situations are as well as options, strategies and directions we can go. There are so many ways a case can go. Jonathan’s legal staff was also excellent in getting the job done. Now let me make this clear that Jonathan and staff are excellent in keeping to the point when discussing the case however they’re not emotionless people. For example once the business aspect is completed for a scheduled meeting they also converse in normal conversation like how are you doing? keeping busy? a normal relaxing friendly conversation after. Trust me it takes a load off my mind after thinking over case information I need to process.

All in all I left all my meetings, conversations and emails confident in my attorney and his staff. Now the case is completed I am fully satisfied and grateful to have worked with Jonathan. I have and will continue to refer Jonathan moving forward. My divorce was finalized and I was very happy with the results which allowed me to move forward in my life. My friends and family asked me how I was doing during my divorce… I said great, because I had a great attorney that took care of my legal woes while I straightened out my personal life to move forward.”

– Ryan (2013) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Avvo)

“I have used Mr. Larose and his team on my case. He is aggressive, smart, does not back down, and sensitive. Mr. Larose, and his team including attorney Chelsea Jagar, were worth every dollar paid for their expertise and handling of my case . He listened to me and my concerns and gave me very good advice on how to proceed. They say the best settlements are done when your attorney is willing to take your case all the way to trial, and my attorneys resolved my case as I had hoped. Since the settlement I have often contacted Mr. Larose for additional advice. Its great to know he is always there if I need him. I have also recommended him to a very good friend of mine and he also worked on his case with success. If you are looking for a Divorce attorney, Mr. Larose is the one for you.”
– Anonymous (2013) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Avvo)

“After 18 years, 10 months, 3 days, 2 hours, 54 seconds (but who was counting?) in a less than happy marriage, I’m proud to say I took some advice from a female friend and hired Jonathan LaRose and his staff. You may think you can handle a divorce on your own and it may start off amicably, but the smartest thing you can do is hire someone who will protect you, your assets, and your right to time with your kids. The divorce was the toughest thing I’ve ever been through and I can honestly say that Jonathan, Chelsea, and Lisa kept me sane through it all and helped me get my life back on track. I got a hard working team, honest answers, and a quick conclusion at an affordable cost.

I’ve talked to other people about their lawyers and I’ve heard more horror stories than positives. With JL, you get blunt, honest information without smoke and mirrors and you get a team that’s more interested in getting your case done correctly than dragging it out to make money off of you. I’ve recommended Jonathan to 4 other friends since my case ended and I will continue to recommend them. Male or female with a divorce pending? Choose JL.

I only needed a divorce lawyer so I can’t speak to JL’s other areas of expertise but based on my experience, you can trust him to handle any case.”

– Donn (2012) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Avvo)

“JL is a no frill, no bs lawyer! I appreciate his straightforward manner and would take it over fluff and pretense any day! He does exactly what he says he’s going to do, offers professional legalities that, unless you’re an attorney, it’s likely you won’t have privy to.
JL is confident, assuring and cost friendly. He also often offers his professional insight for no charge. I have recommended him to any friend in need of attorney services…especially when there are assets, children and an uncooperative spouse involved.

You won’t be disappointed in Jonathan Larose!”
– BT (2012) (Client Publicly-Posted Review on Avvo)