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Jonathan D. Larose APC
A Divorce and Family Law Firm
Law Offices
Jonathan D. Larose APC
A Divorce and Family Law Firm

Vigorous Advocacy For Family Law Clients

Larose Law provides superb legal representation in family and divorce law. The firm’s focus includes marital property identification and valuation, child and spousal support, asset tracing, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, domestic violence protections, international custody and property issues, mediation, and child custody.

With offices in Walnut Creek and Fremont, Larose Law provides a unique value-added approach to each client. The firm is highly experienced in complex settlement and litigation cases.


Jonathan D. Larose

Jonathan D. Larose Esq. MBA

Principal Attorney

Divorce Without Going to Court

Child Custody

Spousal Support

Complex Property and/or High Conflict Matters

Domestic Violence & Fraud

Collaborative Law

Family Law

Determining and Dividing Community Property


Limited Scope Representation

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Protecting What You Value Most

The Firm has decades of experience and its attorneys have a reputation for earning outstanding results in settlement and in litigation. The attorneys are respected for being forensic-oriented, thorough, and exceptional in the courtroom.


“I got a hardworking team, honest answers and quick conclusion at an affordable cost. With JL, you get blunt, honest information without smoke and mirrors and you get a team that’s more interested in getting your case done correctly than dragging it out to make money off of you. I’ve recommended Jonathan to four other friends since my case ended.” — A FORMER CLIENT
The firm’s success has made it one of the largest family and divorce law firms in the East Bay. Initial consultations are confidential and complimentary.