Legal Costs

When you hire Larose Law, you will post a deposit to open your account. The deposit, commonly referred to as a retainer, is fully refundable so that any unused portion is returned to you. Every client has a different initial deposit amount, and the amount is set depending on what may be occurring in your case over the immediate one to two months.

The deposit is used to pay down your legal fees as you go along. You will also receive monthly a detailed invoice of all services provided, the time it took for each service provided and the amount charged. When you consult with us, ask to see an example of what a monthly billing invoice looks like, and we will be glad to show you.

You Choose The Lawyer Who Is Right For You

Many attorneys will charge you an hourly rate for the attorney and an hourly rate for any paralegal work done. Our firm is the largest in Fremont and that allows us to have a broad range of attorneys charging different hourly rates. This means you do not have to pay a large hourly amount to have an attorney work on a relatively straightforward legal issue(s).

Some of our clients come to us with many of the details already worked out with their spouse or the other parent. Some of our clients seek modifications to existing orders and do not want to respend all that money it took to get those initial detailed orders. Due to our size, we have the resources to provide you legal services at reasonable rates. However, you choose the attorney who is right for you. We will guide you on what has to be done, the complexity of the issue(s) and then put into place the resources that will position you for the best possible result.

After all, we have not been able to grow and become one of the largest family law firms in the Bay Area by having inexperienced attorneys successfully resolve client issues.

How Much Will You Spend On Legal Fees?

This is a reasonable and prudent question, and one we are asked at almost every initial consultation.

No one can predict what you will ultimately spend with us. Yet, we work very hard to eliminate the stressful uncertainty that can come with hiring an attorney. We have also built into our firm the structure to keep legal fees and costs to a minimum. Many “costs” are already built into our hourly fee structures. For example, you will not pay extra for regular “postage” or “online legal research” or for any expert fees not agreed to by you in advance.

At the free initial consultation, we will explain the legal processes that will need to be followed, and identify possible costs that may have to be incurred. We will also discuss the positions the other side may take and what financial exposures could result. Then, we will augment this opinion as the process goes along so that you can factor in your legal costs as part of your legal objectives and strategy.

To find out more about our legal costs, please contact Larose Law by calling 510-945-1082. We have offices in Walnut Creek and Fremont, California.