Why Larose Law?

Clients choose Larose Law for a variety of reasons. Our family law clients choose us because:

1. Our primary purpose for practicing family law is to insulate children from what can occur in custody legal proceedings.

2. We zealously advocate for both male and female clients.

3. Because we are also civil trial attorneys, and know our way around a courtroom.

4. We are adept at crunching numbers, tracking assets and income, and understanding complex financial and estate records.

5. Our ability to stay focused and objective in emotionally charged circumstances.

6. We also take on very complex and difficult family cases, and cases other attorneys have not resolved.

Perhaps that is why many of our clients have been our clients for many years.

To learn more, contact the lawyers at The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Larose, APC, in Fremont, California, by calling 510-945-1082.