Complex Property and/or High Conflict Matters

We have deep experience representing clients with complex marital estates. These estates can include:

  • Multiple properties
  • Income and wealth from a variety of sources
  • International real estate and financial accounts
  • A multiplicity of investments
  • Royalties and patents
  • Trust and portfolio wealth
  • Fluctuating income from self-employment or partnerships
  • Stock classifications and various stock options

A “high conflict” matter is one where our client may be regularly in court or where the issue or issues are highly contentious. We have not nor will be ever shy away from zealously representing any client in a matter or issue that is or may be “high conflict.” Larose Law was built from a foundation of civil litigation and trial work. We are not afraid to fight for what our clients want. We have experience in “high conflict” custody and property issues, as well as issues pertaining to custody relocation and theft of community property by another spouse.