Child Support

If you are a parent, you know how expensive raising a child can be. When you are a single parent trying to support yourself and your children on one income instead of two, you know that prompt payment of fair child support is critical. If you are a noncustodial parent, you want to know that you are not paying more than your fair share of child-rearing expenses.

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At The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Larose, APC, we practice family law in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, along the Interstate 680 corridor, and from Fremont and Hayward to Walnut Creek and Martinez.

We represent California parents in disputes over child support. In addition to helping you establish paternity and create an initial support order, we can help you enforce your right to payment of support. We can also bring motions to change child support orders when necessary.

Determining And Enforcing Your Rights In Child Support

Child support is a monthly payment from one parent to the other for child-related expenses. Child support is usually calculated according to the child support guidelines and is primarily based on income and the visitation schedule. When deciding child support, the family court may order that the custodial parent continues to reside in the family home with the children. Child support may also include orders to a parent to pay for:

  • Health, medical and dental insurance
  • Un reimbursed health care costs not covered by insurance
  • Day care and child care costs
  • The cost of counseling or therapeutic services for the child
  • Tuition, books and other educational expenses

Handling Child Support Matters Specifically For You

Our legal services include creating and filing all court documents necessary to access child support, including all financial disclosure documents. We also get employment records and create wage assignments so employers can pay support directly to the custodial parent.

When parents refuse to work, are intentionally underemployed or try to hide income, we litigate with the goal of obtaining court orders directing them to find work or work full time. We track all income and benefits to determine the actual income they receive. At times, this includes the use of cash flow projections, accountants, subpoenas and court trials to determine their true income and ability to work.

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