Seek A Free Initial Consultation With Us As Soon As Possible

In family matters, the law provides various advantages to those who prepare in advance. A consultation with Larose Law, in Fremont and Walnut Creek, California, can help you prepare in advance before implementing legal action.

Many of our clients consult with us months in advance of taking any legal action. When meeting with us, we can explain why this is. Call us at 510-945-1082.

Why Your Free Initial Consultation Could Prove Beneficial

Our initial consultations are free. There is absolutely no pressure to take Larose Law as your attorneys. You remain free to meet with and hire any other law firm you choose. We will not contact you, ever, after our initial consultation, unless you expressly tell us to. And, the initial consultation is an excellent way to “interview” the lawyer to determine whether he/she is the right attorney for you.

Most important, our initial consultations are private, and everything discussed remains under the attorney-client secrecy privilege — even if we do not formally represent you. The only question we will ask in advance of our meeting is the name of your partner/other parent. This we must do to ensure that other person has not already met with us. Absent agreement, we cannot speak to you if we have already met with your partner/other parent.

The Consultation

You will first tell the lawyer what brings you to the meeting. Then, the attorney will ask some background questions, like date of marriage, whether you are separated or not, the names and ages of the children, and the household’s daily schedule for the last few years. If the issue is primarily support, the attorney will inquire into the existence of any court orders, employment histories, salaries and benefits. We will ask about the existing visitation, domestic violence and substance abuse.

If the issue is divorce, legal separation or annulment, we will, in addition, ask about all assets, including businesses and investment accounts. We will inquire into all debts and the marital standard of living to determine spousal support issues.

Most important, we will spend time seeking what your goals are, and explain, clearly and in terms easy to understand, where the law can help you meet those goals, and, what still needs to be done so that the law can help you meet those goals.

The length of the consultation is variable and depends mostly on the unique issues and facts every client brings. Regardless, there is no charge.

At the end of the consultation, the attorney will explain in detail attorney fees and costs. An opinion on strategy will be given. In general, your next meeting is implemented by you, and you alone, after you  contact us again.