Limited Scope Representation

Many of our clients hire The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Larose, APC, in Fremont and Walnut Creek, California, to do focused or “limited role” work on their case. We may come in to just deal with support issues. Or, to work on all the property issues, including to negotiate assets for distribution. We are proud to have been retained on cases where we assist other lawyers at trial, or act in a supportive, association of counsel capacity. There are times where we have assisted other attorneys on cases without being formally identified as attorneys on the case.

Clients also hire us to guide them while they participate in private mediation and to review agreements created in mediation before execution. There are clients who choose to represent themselves and we are retained to just provide them guidance as they manage their own cases. The limited role representation may also be an excellent way to save on legal fees expenditures.

Contact The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Larose, APC, today if you have limited role representation needs by calling 510-945-1082.