Protect Your Estate With A Premarriage Agreement

At Larose Law, in Fremont and Walnut Creek, we create premarriage/prenuptial agreements and litigate the enforceability of existing agreements. Clients are always surprised at how many premarriage agreements may not be enforceable in court due to various defects during the process to create the agreement. Consult with a Larose Law attorney before you execute a premarriage agreement and later to ensure the agreement is actually valid.

Time Is Of The Essence

By California statute, at least seven days must elapse between the time that the parties are “first presented” with the agreement and advised to seek independent counsel and the time the agreement is signed. In other words, if you decide to consult a lawyer about drafting a prenuptial agreement five days before your wedding, you are too late.

Why A Premarriage Agreement Is Helpful For You

We create premarriage agreements for a variety of purposes. Some of our family law clients have been married before and want to make sure the process to divorce, if it occurs again, is smooth, with minimal legal costs and reasonably assured outcomes. Other clients seek a premarriage agreement to confirm in writing their current estate at the time of marriage and to make sure that current estate stays in their sole possession if divorce occurs. A premarriage agreement is an excellent way to take certain issues out of the purview of the court system.

We Can Draft An Agreement For You

Call 510-945-1082 for a free consultation with a Larose Law attorney to discuss your premarriage agreements concerns and questions. You may also contact us online.