Answering Your Complex Property Questions

  • Does your divorce involve large assets and complicated financial issues such as a family-owned business, stock options, retirement savings or a disagreement over community property?
  • Are you concerned that your spouse may be hiding assets or property from you?

If your answer is yes to either of these questions, please contact the experienced California attorneys at The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Larose, APC, today.

“Property belonging equally to each spouse is all property (homes, cars, furniture and money) accumulated from the date of marriage to, in most cases, the date a person moves out. This is the general rule subject to some exceptions. It does not matter what state or country you were married in. In California, this is the rule regarding community property and property division.”Jonathan D. Larose, Attorney, M.B.A.

An Attorney With An MBA Degree, Guarding Your Property Rights

Attorney Jonathan D. Larose has a Master of Business Administration degree with emphasis in finance (MBA), as well as substantial experience working with forensic accountants, appraisers, business valuation experts and other professionals to assess spouse’s assets, debts and income. If you think your spouse is trying to hide income or assets from you, he can help you take steps to discover all property that should be included in the divorce. He fights hard to protect his clients’ rights in the process of property division.

If you or your spouse is self-employed, owns a business, or receives unusual or large employment benefits, he can help ensure that:

  • All assets and property are properly disclosed, including any hidden assets
  • Income is accurately determined for child support and spousal support and includes the value of stock options, bonuses, profit-sharing plans, commissions, overtime pay, and other employment benefits such as car, travel, lodging and meal allowances
  • Complex assets such as businesses, stocks, bonds and other bank accounts and investments, and retirement savings accounts (including defined benefit plans, pensions, 401(k)s and IRA accounts) are properly valued and divided in the divorce
  • Your separate property is protected in any property division
  • Requests for alimony or spousal support are adequately supported by the evidence

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