Divorce Without Going To Court

At Larose Law, many of our clients never go to court. They may be angry at how their marriage broke down. They may be concerned about where the money went. There may be financial accounts they do not have access to. They may have certain exposures that should keep them out of court.

But, they also do not want their children involved in California court proceedings. And, they do not want to waste all they have saved on frivolous attorney fees. Or, they are busy professionals who just do not want to be anywhere near a courtroom.

We will work to accommodate your wishes, while still getting you the answers you need.

We use our court experiences, our resources, our financial knowledge, and our skill, to get you to agreements and settlement without anyone ever having to go to court.

That said, there are times when it is necessary to go to court — so that you are not forced into a bad deal outside of court. Or, to get a judge’s decision on a tough preliminary issue.

We always meticulously prepare to settle a case. But, we are also always prepared to go to court — whenever necessary.

We Can Help You Through The Process

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