Put An Attorney On Your Side Regarding Complex Family Issues

You’ve probably heard the phrases “messy divorce” and “custody battle.” You probably never thought you would be involved in them, though. If you have a complex family law case, you need to work with a firm that can handle any situation. Ask yourself:

  • Do you want a strong advocate with the financial skills needed to accurately calculate your spouse’s income for purposes of child support or alimony?
  • Do you or your spouse disagree about how one parent’s move will affect your child custody and visitation agreements?

If your case involves complex family issues like these, it is especially important that you work with an attorney who shares your values and will be an effective partner.

Call 510-945-1082 to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced family lawyer who will fight to protect you and your children. At Larose Law, we have extensive experience handling the most challenging family law cases. We practice family law in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, along the Interstate 680 corridor, and from Fremont and Hayward to Walnut Creek and Martinez.

Protecting Your Parental Rights During And After Divorce

Sometimes issues related to children require an aggressive advocate. At Larose Law, our mission is to protect children from the negative consequences of divorce. We often work with custody evaluators, child psychologists, therapists and parenting experts in disputes over parental rights and responsibilities.

Most custody and visitation disputes are best resolved through mediation, negotiation or collaborative divorce. There are instances, however, when circumstances dictate aggressive litigation to achieve the best results for the children.

Mr. Larose is experienced handling complicated custody battles involving allegations of physical abuse, domestic violence, sexual abuse, chemical dependency, mental illness and other issues affecting a parent’s ability to care for children.

Our California law firm provides strong representation to custodial parents who want to move following a divorce, as well as noncustodial parents who oppose relocation with the child. If you want to change custody or enforce visitation, he can explain the law governing post-divorce modifications and give you an honest assessment of your case.

Our Attorneys Are Here For Your Family

If you face complex family law issues and need a lawyer who will work hard to protect you, your children and your property, contact our law offices in Fremont and Walnut Creek to schedule your free initial consultation at 510-945-1082.