Larose Law does not discriminate and zealously represents both men and women. You may want to know what kinds of family law cases we have experience in. Here is a short list of some cases by core facts, and the positive outcomes for our client.

  • Lost assets: A retired married couple, both doctors, had separated many years before. Many financial records no longer existed. We were able to locate close to one million dollars that one spouse did not disclose as community property. Result: A settlement that included the lost income.
  • International move-away: A wife filed family-related legal actions in both India and California. Her goal was to take their child and relocate to India. Result: The court denied the wife’s request to relocate to India with the child.
  • Stock options: Husband had worked for various startups. He took less income in order to receive more in stock options. Result: Settlement — options separated per community property law.
  • Domestic violence: Wife sued for domestic violence. Husband countered with his own domestic violence suit. Result: Wife received five-year protection order and husband ordered into anger management.
  • Back to work: Wife was an attorney and argued she was disabled and could not be employed and that she needed full spousal support. Result: Wife ordered to go to work full time.

In addition, Larose Law has:

  • Negotiated and/or litigated hundreds of temporary child and spousal support orders;
  • Represented clients in matters before the Department of Child Support Services, including challenges to arrears determinations;
  • Negotiated and/or litigated hundreds of visitation and custody orders in family courts in multiple counties;
  • Created prenuptial and after-marriage agreements;
  • Valued community businesses as part of divorce proceedings in conjunction with expert forensic CPAs;
  • Represented the mother in a 20-day custody trial that focused on parenting styles and the issue of how to educate a profoundly gifted child, with multiple child development experts;
  • Worked with actuaries to assess and divide community property interest in certain retirement plans;
  • Developed a partnership with a law firm located outside the United States to help locate, secure and value community property held outside the United States;