Our Team

Great attorneys are vital but outstanding law firms are a direct function of all its members, in particular our incredibly talented, passionate staff of paralegals and case administrators.


Jonathan D. Larose Esq. MBA
Chief Executive Officer, Strategies and Tactics

Mr. Larose is the Principal of our Firm and our chief litigation attorney. He has practiced law for 16 years.  Mr. Larose overseas global strategies and tactics of all client matters. He began in civil trial litigation on matters such as breach of contract, sexual harassment, and business disputes. At the same time Mr. Larose initiated his family law practice focusing on complex issues related to divorce, asset/cash searches, property disputes, valuation, and custody. Jonathan’s formal education also includes a Master of Business Administration with a finance emphasis.

Success nurtured growth and Larose Law has now grown to four divorce and family law attorneys with a talented support staff, working out of two offices, in Fremont and Walnut Creek.

Some of Jonathan’s family law trial work has included:

  • Represented the Mother in one of the longest custody trials in Alameda County history – spanning 20 days with multiple experts;
  • Represented the Husband in two successful trials to show a wife claiming disability was not in fact disabled and could be fully employed, and then later, showing the wife had not followed the Court’s orders to be earning and had the court impute income to her;
  • Represented the Husband to prove it was not in a son’s best interest to relocate with the Wife to another jurisdiction;
  • Represented the Wife to show the Husband’s income was much more than what Husband claimed by focusing on Husband’s expenses, use of credit, and improper use of business expense deductions.

That said, most family law cases do not require formal trial work. Still, the best settlements and results generally come from advance strategic planning, preparation, and execution. Mr. Larose has many years of work receiving favorable interim court decisions leading to many settlements that met or went well beyond the expectations of his clients.

Jonathan also has a vibrant private family law mediation practice and also offers his expertise to various Judges as a volunteer judicial settlement officer. The bulk of Mr. Larose’s professional time is spent on his own personal practice and on training and overseeing Larose Law attorneys.

Mr. Larose was born and raised in New Hampshire. He was on the high school wrestling team. His parents divorced and his Mother became a successful entrepreneur while raising her boys. Jonathan learned to write at the University of New Hampshire. He completed his Bachelors at San Francisco State in Political Science with a minor in Economics. Then, he earned a Master’s in Business Administration, with a Finance emphasis, at the University of San Francisco McLaren School of Business. New College School of Law of San Francisco, then the oldest public-interest law school in the U.S., taught Mr. Larose what the law, and a really good lawyer, could do, to make a difference.


Kristine L. Griffith, Esq. (formerly Kristine L. Tornquist)
Director of Firm Operations

Ms. Griffith is a Senior associate with our firm. She has strong courtroom skills and is a firm negotiator. She has practiced family law in at least seven Bay Area counties. She is adept at issues involving child support, custody and visitation, spousal support, asset-tracing, and domestic violence restraining orders.

Kristine is thorough, prepared, and tough. She is always ready to take any issue to a Judge. That may be why Kristine generates such outstanding settlements. Even adverse attorneys respect Ms. Griffith. She is one of the few attorneys who you can still do a handshake-deal with. She is difficult to rattle.

Some of Ms. Griffith’s family law work has included:

  • Representing a Wife to stop her Husband from quitting his job and relocating without paying full support at the income of the job he resigned from;
  • Represented a Husband to get unwarranted restraining orders withdrawn;
  • Represented a Mother to cut Father’s visitation due to poor parenting, and also received child support and court-ordered sanctions;
  • Represented the children of a Wife who had deceased to get the children what their Mother would have been entitled to;
  • Helped trace over $500,000.00 in cash for a retired client who never knew the money ever existed during the marriage.

Clients value Kristine for her pragmatism, her settlement-oriented focus and her resolve. She graduated at the top of her law school class and also assists Mr. Larose in complex legal matters and trials.


Hurleen Sidhu, Esq.

Ms. Sidhu is a thoughtful, detail-oriented legal partner. She likes to win and does not back down. Hurleen hails from a successful family of entrepreneurs. She knows her way around tax records and balance sheets, and has a special interest in tracking down assets and financial accounts.

She received her B.A. at St. Mary's in Moraga, and her law degree at JFK University where she was on the Dean's List. She focused on family law even while in law school. She interned at the Family Law Facilitator's office in Contra Costa County — the office that conducts custody mediations for the family law courts in the county. Hurleen only practices matrimonial and family law.

Some of Ms. Sidhu’s family law work has included:

  • Represented the Father to make sure the minor child was not relocated to a region that would have separated him from his school, friends, and family;
  • Represented the Wife in a domestic violence action that lead to a settlement that included support and protective order;
  • Represented a Mother to establish visitation, custody, child and spousal support orders.

Hurleen is fluent in Punjabi, cross-trains, supports animal rights, and is an avid cook.

Kathleen B. Keeley

Kathleen B. Keeley, Esq.

Kathleen ("Katie") B. Keeley may speak softly but she definitely carries a big stick. Katie began in criminal law because she always wanted to litigate. She served two years as a certified law clerk for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office gang crime prosecution unit. However, in that position, Kathleen was regularly exposed to broken families and in particular, children in crisis. Ms. Keeley then decided that family law was the perfect blend of all her interests – professional and personal.

Ms. Keeley then practiced family law in Southern California working at two large family law firms. Ms. Keeley prides herself in providing personalized family law services to each of her clients. She is a compassionate yet aggressive advocate and has built a reputable name in and outside of the courtroom. We were ecstatic to woo Kathleen to Larose Law from other law firms in the Los Angeles area.

Kathleen attended the University of Southern California as an undergraduate. She completed her Bachelor of Arts with dual degrees in International Relations and Spanish. Ms. Keeley received her Juris Doctor from Whittier Law School in 2012.

Some of Ms. Keeley’s family law work has included:

  • Represented the Father in a move-away case and was successful in preventing the minor child from being relocated to Boston;
  • Represented the Husband in successful efforts to terminate his spousal support obligation after his business deteriorated;
  • Represented the Mother who received majority custody, child support, spousal support, and an attorney fee reimbursement award.

Ms. Keeley was born and raised in Pebble Beach, California. She is an avid San Francisco Giants fan, as well as a USC Trojan football fan.


Gianna Trevisan, Office Manager/Paralegal

Ms. Trevisan has 19 years of family law experience and is also the office manager for Larose Law. She is a commissioned notary and began working for Mr. Larose in 2012. Gianna attended Heald Business College and received an AAS in Legal Office Administration. She is a paralegal and the primary litigation assistant to Mr. Larose for all his trial work.

Clients are drawn to her humor and warmth, and one of the reasons for the success of Larose Law is in fact due to the personal dedication of Ms. Trevisan, and in particular, the outstanding service she provides to all our clients.

Liza Rushing, Paralegal

Liza Rushing

Liza is a native Californian and was raised in Hayward, California.

After spending a little over ten years as a self-taught Paralegal, she returned to college and obtained her A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies at Heald College in 2013, where she graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

Liza started her legal work in criminal law, but has now specialized in family law for over ten years. She was drawn to working in the legal field as soon as she started her first Legal Secretary position, over fifteen years ago, as she loved the ability to research, and collect information relevant and helpful for our clients.

Once she started specializing in family law, Liza knew immediately that this was the area of law that she wanted to primarily work in, as it gave her the biggest opportunity to help people in need during the most trying times in their lives.

When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, camping, reading books, going to the movies, trying new food, cooking, as well as hosting parties, which is another activity that she enjoys on her free time.

Yesenia Quintero, Paralegal

Liza Rushing

Yesenia was born and raised in the Bay Area. She attended the University of California, Merced in the venerable Central Valley where she attained a Bachelor of Science in Management on a full-ride scholarship.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, Yesenia completed California State University East Bay's paralegal program. Now, she is also a commissioned notary.

Yesenia enjoys family law because each day brings a new issue and a new opportunity for growth whether its coordinating a property appraisal, preparing emergency pleadings, or issuing a subpoena in search of undisclosed bank accounts. Our clients enjoy Yesenia’s engaging smile, dry sense of humor, and scrupulous attention to detail.

Yesenia is fluent in Spanish and she enjoys traveling, cooking, and watching basketball games.

Sheena A. Quenga

Liza Rushing

Ms. Quenga, a Fremont native, started working for Mr. Larose in November 2016 as the Case Administrator – a position created specifically for Sheena in part due to the tremendous skill-set she brings to Larose Law. She has received two degrees from Ohlone College, graduating with highest honors for both - Associate in Science Degree for Transfer in Administration of Justice and an Associate in Arts Degree in Human Development Studies.

Currently, while working for Larose Law, Ms. Quenga is attending California State University East Bay in Hayward to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a Paralegal Certificate. Her personal drive and motivation is an energy she brings to all clients who she works with.

Prior to Ms. Quenga joining the Larose Law team, she worked for a local REALTOR Association for 11 years. Sheena wore several hats there including: Operations Support, Professional Standards Administrator, Compliance Administrator, and Special Events Coordinator.

Ms. Quenga’s desire to work in Family Law derives from her own personal experiences – at one time she needed the services of an outstanding family law firm. The help and support she received from her legal teams at that time put her at ease and that’s exactly what she wants to do for each of our clients.

When Sheena can find free time from studying, and from work, she enjoys spending time with her two sons, or doing a bit of Netflix binge-watching.

To schedule a free consultation with a lawyer at The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Larose, APC, please call 510-742-6100 or contact us online today to reach our Fremont and Walnut Creek offices.