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The Law Offices of Jonathan D. Larose, APC, is the largest matrimonial and family law firm in Fremont, California. We also have an office in Walnut Creek, and our attorneys regularly practice in all the family law courtrooms in Contra Costa County and in Alameda County.

Previous Client Testimonials

"I have used Mr. Larose and his team on my case. He is aggressive, smart, does not back down, and sensitive. Mr. Larose, and his team, were worth every dollar paid for their expertise and handling of my case. He listened to me and my concerns and gave me very good advice on how to proceed. They say the best settlements are done when your attorney is willing to take your case all the way to trial, and my attorneys resolved my case as I had hoped. Since the settlement, I have often contacted Mr. Larose for additional advice. It's great to know he is always there if I need him. I have also recommended him to a very good friend of mine and he also worked on his case with success. If you are looking for a divorce attorney, Mr. Larose is the one for you." — A client

The size of our firm allows us to have the resources other family law attorneys cannot provide. We have a flexible legal fee rate structure that is designed to keep legal fees within your expectations. We also have attorneys with a broad range of legal, intellectual and life experiences that can make a difference in achieving the outcomes we will strive for. Over time we have also associated with other professionals — accountants, property appraisers, investigators and retired judicial officers — who continue to work with us when the need arises.

Why We Do What We Do

We only practice family law because we believe marriage, the safety and security of children, the legal rights and obligations that each spouse has to each other, community property, and the absolute prevention of domestic violence are issues of vital concern to our society and to you. For years we have fought to keep children out of divorce litigation as we believe that is the right thing to do.

Family law can be complex, and by practicing only family law we stay on top of the legal changes that occur quite regularly.

Previous Client Testimonials

"After 18 years, 10 months, 3 days, 2 hours, 54 seconds (but who was counting?) in a less than happy marriage, I'm proud to say I took some advice from a female friend and hired Jonathan Larose and his staff. You may think you can handle a divorce on your own and it may start off amicable, but the smartest thing you can do is hire someone who will protect you, your assets and your right to time with your kids. The divorce was the toughest thing I've ever been through and I can honestly say that Jonathan, Chelsea and Lisa kept me sane through it all and helped me get my life back on track. I got a hardworking team, honest answers and quick conclusion at an affordable cost. I've talked to other people about their lawyers and I've heard more horror stories than positives. With JL, you get blunt, honest information without smoke and mirrors and you get a team that's more interested in getting your case done correctly than dragging it out to make money off of you. I've recommended Jonathan to four other friends since my case ended, and I will continue to recommend him. Male or female with a divorce pending? Choose JL." — A former client

We also practice only family law because we believe our experiences, intellect and interpersonal skills provide us a superior advantage in court and in settlement negotiations. For us "winning" means putting our client in position to achieve what the client wants, and, truth be told, we like to win.

We also take great pride in securing child support for custodial parents. We think it fair that if you sacrificed your career to raise the children or did not work during your marriage, you receive the proper amount of support after you stop living together. We are good at tracking assets hidden by spouses during marriage, and just recently located $1 million of community money in a complicated divorce case. We also think it fair that a parent's visitation should not be unreasonably restricted just because they were the primary breadwinner during the marriage and had to work long hours. Or, began and grew a successful business that greatly improved the marital standard of living.

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