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At Larose Law, our experiences in family law allow us the opportunity to offer private divorce mediation services.

An initial consultation with both husband and wife, is necessary.

Mediation only works if there are no issues that will absolutely need direct court involvement.

Mediation has many benefits. It can lead to mutually agreeable settlement of all issues. It can dramatically reduce the "costs" of divorce by eliminating the fees associated with each side hiring their own attorneys. It can reduce acrimony. It can keep the children out of the proceedings. It can foster post-divorce collegial relations between co-parents.

We work with clients so that all court papers that are still required to be filed are timely and properly done. Your mediator works with both spouses to reach complete settlement of all issues. Feel free to contact our Fremont or Walnut Creek office to learn more in a free consultation.

Limited Scope Client Services

Sometimes a client just needs an attorney to go with them to court. Or, to deal with a particular set of issues, like child support and custody. Or, to go to trial for them on domestic violence issues. They do not need an attorney for every issue, for all purposes. Sometimes they need us to assist their existing attorney at trial. Or, to provide them "consulting only" services.

We call this "limited scope" representation.

We have done a lot of work in a "limited scope" capacity. We are proud of the work we do assisting other attorneys on active cases, especially as "second-chair" at trials.

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